For some even the sky is not the limit!

Among millions of companies there’re a few that can grow exponentially. We focus the management team to execute this life-changing transformation.

Who we are

Focusate, UAB is a privately owned strategic investment and service company that transforms production companies into Ever-flourishing organisations that grow exponentially, while maintaining stability at the same time.

What we do

Our business model is based on profound Theory of Constraints knowledge and long-year experience in bringing exponential performance growth for manufacturers worldwide.

At Focusate we have human resources, systems, knowledge and experience to implement and sustain fundamental changes in the various parts of the manufacturing business that we service. The team leaders are trained by Dr. Eli Goldratt in Goldratt Schools to guide TOC Holistic Implementations under Viable Vision Initiative.

Since our service capacity is limited, we service only companies that have exponential growth potential.

During the whole period of our service, our customer’s Throughput grows much faster then Operating Expense. This usually results in current sales level translation into profit in 4 years.

Does Your Company Fit?

Company profile

We’re focused on servicing Make-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order and Make-to-Stock manufacturers, with plants located in Europe.

Yearly sales should be not less than Eur 10M.

Throughput Margin

Your company’s current Throughput Margin should be more than 50%.

Throughput is a TOC measure – the rate at which the system generates “goal units” . Throughput equals the Sales revenue less Totally variable costs (T=Sales-TVC). Throughput margin assumes that the only truly variable costs in the organization are direct materials.

Market Share

Your company’s current global market share should be less than 5%. There must be enough space to grow globally.

Excess Capacity

There must be more than 50% of excess production capacity (max. 2/4 shifts).
Excess capacity is required to support dramatic increase in sales without investments into new machines.


We have people, resources, knowledge and experience to bring your company to have, in less than four years, net profit equal to its current total sales.

Navy Seals Team

A special force will land your organisation to support implementation.

Certified TOC experts who will provide day-to-day implementation in the main organisational functions: Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing,

Lean practitioners who will focus on increasing touch time of the capacity constrained resources,

ERP software engineers, who will integrate your company specifics on top of the ERP system that we bring to your company to support implementation,

Sales coordinators who will subordinate to your field sales force to be much more productive.

Sales Factory

We provide both the system and people who execute the sales flow for your company

The system includes sales processes, measures, CRM, decision making routine, analytics to ever improve Throughput.

Strategic segmentation & Lead replenishment
Our back-office team makes sure that the sales process never runs out of leads.

Scheduling face-to-face meetings
Imagine a never ending queue of potential customers waiting to meet with your sales reps.

Daily coordination
A dedicated Customer Success Manager will conduct daily (every day throughout the year!) stand-ups with your salespeople to balance the flow of opportunities

Sales Factory can be purchased as a separate service.

ERP system

We’ve built a flow centric ERP system upon TOC principles to institute operational excellence and to provide the relevant information to the various levels of the decision makers.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) systems do not normally have necessary functionality to support TOC applications. So on the core of Odoo ERP, we developed a complete ERP system with all TOC algorithms required to run Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock manufacturers the TOC way.

The custom functionality emerge from the application of the Five Focusing Steps across 4 main functions of the organisation:



Purchase & Warehouses

Production Planning and Execution


Your implementations will be backed by ERP solution designed upon TOC principles to provide faster and more reliable deliveries and higher throughput with a minimum of cost and investment.


There are 3 ways for our potential cooperation. Let’s meet to discuss all of them.


25,000 €/month

30% yearly bonus based on ΔNet Profit

4 years service contract
Full implementation (S&TT)
Odoo ERP for TOC
Ongoing improvement
Sales vs. Operations zero conflicts
Due Date Performance +95%
Throughput Accounting decision making
Holistic real-time reports
Custom reports SLA 24h
Sales Factory
Mafia Offers

 Price is VAT exclusive


50,000 €/month

30% yearly bonus based on ΔNet Profit

4 years service contract
Full implementation (S&TT)
Odoo ERP for TOC
Ongoing improvement
Sales vs. Operations zero conflicts
Due Date Performance +95%
Throughput Accounting decision making
Holistic real-time reports
Sales Factory
Mafia Offers

 Price is VAT exclusive



Sell us your company.

Industry: manufacturing
Miminum revenue: € 10M
Location: Europe
Throughput: more than 50%
Market share: less than 5%
Excess capacity: more than 50%

Vilnius (Headquarters)

J. Galvydžio str. 11
LT-06311 Vilnius, Lithuania
Company number: 304440135
VAT payer number: LT100010958410


Liepų str. 5
LT-92138 Klaipėda