Your Viable Vision implementations will be backed by ERP solution designed upon TOC principles to provide faster and more reliable deliveries and higher throughput with a minimum of cost and investment.

We chose Odoo ERP as a core of the system because of it’s fluidity and full integration covering the needs of even the most complex companies.

Custom Applications developed by Focusate, UAB

Throughput Accounting

to properly calculate throughput, investment and operating expense.

How do we predict and accurately measure the effect of local decisions on the global goal? How do we get local managers to think like business people and make good decisions based on the global system measurements?

Planned Load for Sales

to quote safe due dates and maximise throughput of the plant.

How do we quote reliable due dates with an internal capacity constrained resource? How much money the plant will make on certain orders (T/CU)?

Flow Management for Sales

to increase salesforce productivity and improve focus.

How do we execute sales and manage the growing opportunity flow in subordination to the market demand constraint?

Dynamic Buffer Management (DBM) & TOC Replenishment

to manage own and clients’ warehouse inventory.

How do we set and maintain the correct levels of raw material and purchase part inventory? How do we replenish stock according to consumption at all locations?

DBR rules for Production Planning and Execution

to control WIP, maximize production flow, improve Due Date Performance and shorten Lead Time.

How do we control the release of WIP in hybrid environments of Engineering-to-Order, Make-to-Order, Assemble-to_-Order and Make-to-Stock so that we don’t release too much or too early, but also so that we don’t release too little or too late which would starve any capacity constrained resources?

Single Priority System (Buffer Management) for Operations

to keep priorities synchronised.

How do we prioritize and synchronize changes in priority (to catch up when Murphy strikes) of all production and replenishment orders?

Buffer Analysis for Ongoing Improvement

to provide managerial reports and monitor the number of red orders and historical behavior of the planned load.

How we know where to focus limited resources to continuously remove local optima and ensure process improvement and capacity elevation is done on only the capacity constraints?


ERP is necessary but not sufficient element in the transformation of your company. There will be much more to agree on before we start servicing your company, and ERP is a crucial part of it.

We’ll be happy to introduce you to some of our customers so they show you how they do management the TOC way.