R&D Engineering Service

As product development becomes more complex, engineering and product operations will play an increasingly critical role in the product lifecycle—from concept to end-customer.

Focusate team provides a full service from concept design to bringing innovation to the market and provides various service packages according to customer’s requirements. In addition to responding to customer needs, we strive to develop new products beyond the expectations of customers and expand to a global market. In pursuit of advancements in function, performance, and design, we will continue to research related to safety and consideration for the global environment, as well as space-saving and shipping efficiency, and reflect this in our products.

Scope of R&D Engineering Service

Focusate R&D center supplies full service from initial idea to actual sales. This service includes benchmarking, development plans, CAE, and product testing for durability and performance tuning.

  • End-consumer need analysis
  • Market research
  • Concept Design & CAD Modeling
  • Concept and environmental review
  • Prototype Development
  • Product Test & Validation
  • Preparation for Mass Production
  • Marketing Strategy (4Ps)

New Products are built using TOC Innovation Application, developed by Goldratt Consulting.

New products that Focusate has developed from idea to the market recently

Boxman Tools – a heavy tool box for construction sites

Boxman Drop – a parcel box for contactless delivery

Guntress Supernova – a bullet-proof glass door safe